Christian Kids Activities: Jesus Appears to the Disciples & Thomas

John 20:19-31, Luke 24:13-50, Mark 16:14-18, Matthew 28:16-20

I find this bible story, following Jesus’ resurrection very fascinating.  The scripture is about Jesus coming and standing among the disciples, even though they were gathered behind locked doors at the time.  One of the twelve disciples, Thomas was not with them.  When the disciples told Thomas what happened on that night he did not believe what they told him.

In order that Thomas might believe the Lord appeared again to the disciples when Thomas was present and they were again gathered behind locked doors.  Thomas felt Jesus’ wounds, and it was only then that he believed.

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29 NIV

So according to this scripture, Christians today who have not had the opportunity to see Jesus with their own eyes, but still believe are blessed and happy, and may have life.

Following are some links to kids worksheets and kids sermons that you might use to teach children more about this good news:

Kids Activity Sheets

Toddler to Junior Primary School

Colouring-in Pages
Sermons4Kids:  Jesus Appears Color Page
Sermons4Kids:  Thomas Sees Jesus Color Page

Sermons4Kids:  Stop Doubting and Believe Maze

Middle and Upper Primary School Children

Word Search Puzzles
Sharon’s Place:  Jesus Appears to His Followers Word Search Puzzle
Sermons4Kids:  Jesus Appears to His Disciples Word Search Puzzle
Sermons4Kids:  Don’t Miss Church Word Search Puzzle

Crossword Puzzles
Sermons4Kids:  Stop Doubting and Believe Crossword Puzzle
Sermons4Kids:  Don’t Miss Church Crossword Puzzle

Kids Talks, Sunday Schools and Clubs

Childrens Talks and Interactive Group Activities
Sermons4Kids:  Believe It or Not Kids Sermon
Sermons4Kids:  Seeing is Believe Kids Sermons
KidsClub4Jesus:  Walking With Jesus – Doubting Thomas
Mission Arlington:  Thomas Doubts Kindy to Preschool Lesson
Calvary Kids Pages:  Jesus Appears to the Disciples Junior Primary Lesson
Sermons4Kids:  Don’t Miss Church Kids Sermon
Sermons4Kids:  Don’t Miss Church Interactive Group Activities
Kids Korner:  Did you know this about the disciple Thomas?
BibleLessons4Kids:  Jesus Appears to His Disciples

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