Kids Activity Sheets: A Christian Easter – The Resurrection of Christ

John 20: 1-18, Matthew 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-12

I am going to ask you today to really consider what the focus you and your family really foster during the Easter period?  Do you mainly put the focus on the Easter Bunny and the Easter Egg, or do you and your family take time to remember and reflect on the real reason for this holiday?  That is that our Lord Jesus died for us and in three days he rose again so that we might have eternal life!

I have pondered on what the Lord has done for all of us a good many times (probably more times than I can remember)… at times it brings tears to my eyes – when I think about this huge thing he has done for us.  He died and he took upon himself all the weight and the guilt of all our sins as his own.  That means he has taken on board the sins of every single one of us; past, present and future.  That’s a lot of sins!  Does this not prove just how much the Lord loves us?

The following paraphrase is normally said at Christmas time, but really it does apply for Easter also – that is to ‘Remember the Reason for the Season’!  I wish to help you today in finding activities, bible stories etc for your children to teach them the meaning of Easter.

Kids Activity Sheets

Toddler to Junior Primary School

Colouring-in Pages
Sermons4Kids: Jesus is Alive Color Page 1
Sermons4Kids: Jesus is Alive Color Page 3
Calvary Kids Pages: The Empty Tomb Color Page
Bible Kids Fun Zone: Celebrate Easter – Jesus is Risen Color Page
A Kids Heart: Angel on Tomb Color Page

Dot to Dot
A Kids Heart: Matthew 28:6 He is Risen Dot to Dot

Sermons4Kids: The Case of the Empty Tomb Maze
Sermons4Kids: Butterfly Maze

Tracer Page
DLTK: J is for Jesus Tracer Page

Middle Primary School Children

Calvary Kids Pages: Christ is Rise, His is Alive Maze

Find the Differences
A Kids Heart: Find the 7 Differences between the Two Pictures (in color)

Word Search Puzzles
Sermons4Kids: The Resurrection Word Search Puzzle
Sermons4Kids: The Case of the Empty Tomb Word Search Puzzle

Major Detective Work
Kids Korner: Find Out What These People Saw on the First Day of Easter

Upper Primary School Children

Change a Word Puzzle
A Kid’s Heart: Change the Word from ‘Tomb’ to ‘Rise’

Word Jumble
Sermons4Kids: I Have Seen the Lord Word Jumble

Multiple Choice Quiz
Sermons4Kids: The Case of the Empty Tomb Multiple Choice

Word Jumble
Sharon’s Place: The Resurrection of Jesus – Matthew 28:1-10

Word Mining
DLTK: Easter Sunday Word Mining Puzzle

Major Detective Work
Kids Korner: Find Out What These People Saw on the First Day of Easter

Crossword Puzzles
Sermons4Kids: Jesus is Alive Crossword Puzzle
Sermons4Kids: The Case of the Empty Tomb Crossword Puzzle

Kids Talks, Sunday Schools and Clubs

Childrens Talks and Interactive Group Activities
KidsClub4Jesus: Roll the Stone Away
KidsClub4Jesus: Two Angels in White
KidsClub4Jesus: He’s Alive!
Sermons4Kids: Easter Eggcitement
Sermons4Kids: He is Risen
Sermons4Kids: The Case of the Empty Tomb
Sermons4Kids: “The Case of the Empty Tomb” Interactive Group Activities
Children’s Chapel: The Easter Story

Share with our readers good ideas of how you celebrate the Resurrection of Christ in your Church, School, or Home.

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  1. Carolyn Smith

    Found this website and love it! I’m always looking for activities and such for Children’s Church.

    Thanks for the time and work that went into building this! Have added to my Favorites!

    God Bless and Happy Easter!

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